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Quick Tips to help improve your experience

Everyone starts out as a “First Time User”

LMS is a new system and all users are required to set up their account by selecting, “First Time User”.

Authentication Exception

The Authentication Exception error indicates there is an error in the user name or password. Hint: Never copy and paste your email address/user name or password.

Registering for Classroom Courses

If your course is a classroom based course, this may be specified next to the course title.  Check the flyers distributed relating to when classroom based courses will be offered. Find the course within the course listing and the course offering should then appear with a Registration Offering button available to select.  Simply click the button to register and await your confirmation via email upon acceptance into the course.

Course Catalogs

These are region specific catalogs.  Each course catalog contains relevant courses to a specific area.  For example:  Within Western Health – if you are a New Employee, you would complete all courses under the “New Hire Orientation” Catalog.


The new application does not have your course history. Please contact your LMS Department and they will provide a copy for you.
As this is a new system, all courses need to be migrated to the new environment. If you cannot find the course you need, it is probably still in the queue to be moved over. If you have questions around when to expect the course to be available, please contact your LMS Department.
Make sure the link you are using is directed to the "New" LMS environment. If you are accessing from a bookmarked link, it is probably directing you to the old environment.
Upon logging in, the landing page will display a section labeled, "Featured Courses". Courses listing within this section have been identified by the RHA as high priority courses. These courses may change over time depending on the current needs of the RHA.
Links to the the Regional Health Authorities learning sites are as follows:
It may take 30 minutes before this can occur. Please logout and log back in. If the course remains in a “Registered” status, you are not required to re-attempt the course until this has been reviewed. Click on the Support Request and Feedback Link on the login page. Follow the screens, entering the required information. Please provide the course name and as much detail as possible to ensure a timely resolution. Your request will be investigated and updates will be provided throughout the process.
You must login with your work email account, even if you are at home. If this is not known, please submit a request for help through the Support Request and Feedback link on the login screen.