Add an In-Class Recurring Session

LEARN Support

From the LMS Management tab, select – Courses.

Select the Course.

From the Courses Screen, click on the + new Scheduled Course Offering.

Follow these steps to create a Course Offering:

  1. From the Create Course Offering screen, enter the following: 
  2. Credit Hours = Enter a number
  3. Start Date – Select the date from the calendar
  4. Start Time – Select the start time
  5. End Date – Select the end date from the calendar
  6. End Time – Select the end time
  7. Click – Save and Close
  8. Ensure information from Step 2 to 6 displays on the Course Offering Screen.
  9. Click – New In-Class Group
  10. From the Create Course Offering Group screen, enter the Course “Nickname”.
  11. From the Capacity section, Select – Venue
  12. Minimum Seats – Enter the number of seats
  13. Maximum Seats – Enter the number of seats
  14. Click – Save and Close
  15. Click – Activate
  16. Click – OK

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