Add an In-Class Offering of a Course

LEARN Support

  1. From the LMS Management Tab, Select – Courses
  2. Select the course from the grid
  3. Click on the Scheduled Offerings Tab
  4. Click on the + New Continuous Course Offering
  5. Credit Hours – Enter the number of Credit Hours
  6. Save and Close
  7. Information Saved will display on the Course Offering Details Screen.
  8. Click on the + New eLearning Group
  9. The Create course Offering Group screen will display
  10. Complete required fields
  11. Nickname = Enter a nickname
  12. Credit Hours = Enter the number of Credit Hours
  13. Minimum Seats = Enter the number
  14. Maximum Seats = Enter the number
  15. Select the Platform – Select the RHA Platform NOTE:   For more detail on Step 16 & 17:
  16. Enter the Content Launch ID (Sulu)
  17. Enter the Completion Activity (Original ID from CMS)
  18. Save and Close
  19. Information keyed in Step 11-17 has been successfully saved.
  20. Click – Activate
  21. A prompt will display, “Activating this group will allow employees to register into it.  If the offering or course are not active those will also be activated.  Continue?
  22. Click –  Ok

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